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Liz Almond-Frias
Liz Almond-FriasVoiceover Artist
Liz’s life is difficult to sum up in a paragraph! She is an Army veteran who has held virtually every job possible like stocking jeans at Old Navy, tracking tamarin monkeys at the zoo, and de-icing airplanes. Her voice career began when a friend with a home studio told her to try it out, and Liz felt an instant connection. She particularly enjoys recording voice mail messages, commercials, and video games. She is easy to communicate with, friendly, and fun! When Liz isn’t busy with voiceovers, she can be found on stage in the New England stand-up comedy scene. Who would’ve thought that Liz’s innate sense of pitch, timing and audience would be as effective on stage as it is in a recording studio?
Elyse H. Rast
Elyse H. RastVoiceover Artist
Elyse’s story begins as a pig. That got your attention, right? Elyse grew up in the theater, particularly enjoying children’s theater and fondly remembers singing and dancing throughout the Strawberry Square Mall in Harrisburg, PA in a very large and very pink pig costume. In addition, Elyse went to a performing arts high school for broadcast journalism, where she honed her professional voice skills. Elyse has two degrees in speech and communications, including one in children’s television production. Her other two degrees, including a Ph.D., are in education. Elyse particularly enjoys completing larger projects such as audiobooks, documentaries, and podcasts. She has been a professional writer and editor and will happily provide tips on making your script more readable. Hint: Shorter sentences are best!

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